I am a Pittsburgh based photographer from Kansas City, Missouri. I moved to Pittsburgh for my husband’s career and never before have stepped foot in Pittsburgh before moving. Safe to say, I actually like it here and enjoy creating new friendships! I picked up a camera in 2017 thinking it would be a little hobby, but when I took my first photograph my heart sparked. 
I am a wife, dog mom, sister, and lover of humor. I’ve been known to remind people to not take life so seriously. I’m a strong believer that moments big and small can be relived to tell a story. I am committed to telling YOUR unique story, no matter what that looks like. 

Hey, I'm Jess!


Kaleb went to Edinboro University where he studied graphic design and film. He’s been making films since he was 10, making YouTube videos with friends and creating countless films. You may know him from being the 1st place winner of the 2022 Pittsburgh 48 hour film fest, or the other many notable awards from film festivals he’s taken part in. 

Kaleb likes to make electronic music, play video games, collect retro video games & vinyls and work repairs on small electronics. His favorite part about videography is being able to recreate and often enhance the emotions and memories of life people have through film. 

Hello, I'm Kaleb!


Perform in a stand-up comedy act

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Summer, of course

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Playing my Switch

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My corgi, Mango



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